Lightner Enterprises – About us

Starting out with a vision and only a drive for success, I started out in real estate in 2009 and finally incorporated in 2011 into Lightner Enterprises, LLC.

With a strong background dealing in Real Estate transactions since the beginning of our days, Lightner Entrerprises, LLC brings honesty, integrity and a get up and go attitude to the table every time.  With our main passion dealing with real estate, we are hard working and here to do what’s right.  We don’t take the easy way out and we look for the best way to move forward in every situation.  We are always looking for houses to rehab, buy and hold or help another investor out along the way.  We are looking to amass 3 rentals this year, so the search is now on!  Please go to our Seller’s Page and fill out our form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

See our Rental page here.

In the winter of 2014, we took on another challenge here at Lightner Enterprises, LLC.  We wrote a children’s book (elementary school ages).  Our book is a fictional story with tons of fun from cover to cover!  There are even 6 pages for children to color.  By mid 2015 we had the pictures to go along with our words and our book came to life March 1, 2016 thanks in HUGE part to QualPrint Publishing Company.  A Big shout out to Nick who helped us every step of the way!  Gavin’s Goggles: Goggles Lost at Sea became our first writing endeavor and we have had such good feedback, we decided to start writing a sequel.  Sometime in 2019 (hopefully) it will be out!

Check out Gavin’s Goggles website.